What is volunteering

Volunteer action is a free act because it is based on the volunteer's own choices.
The volunteer is someone who renders a service, in response to a community need and / or motivation of his own, without waiting in return for monetary compensation. This person can be an adult, a teenager, or a youth (12 years old or younger) accompanied by a parent.
•Share the concept of volunteerism as conveyed by the Center.
• Accept responsibilities to the extent of their abilities.
• Understand the size and limits of its functions.
• Understand the work before accepting it.
• Respect his commitment.
• Respect confidentiality.
• Take into account the limitations and characteristics of the beneficiaries.
• Communicate to the volunteer leader any information relevant to his task.
• Mention satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your supervisor's task and suggest improvements or changes if necessary.
• Learn about the activities of the Center.
• Notify the Volunteer Leader of any changes to his volunteer commitment.

• Inform volunteers about ABC Center procedures and policies.
• Depending on the interview, direct the volunteer to volunteer action that corresponds to his tastes, interests and availability.
• Specify the schedule, duties and responsibilities of the chosen volunteer work. • Provide basic training.
• Offer continuing education.
• Follow up on volunteer work.
• Reorient, if necessary, the volunteer to another field of activity.
• Protect ABC Center volunteers in the performance of their duties through liability insurance. However, the Center will not reimburse volunteers for tickets, car breakdowns of any kind and / or thefts, etc.
• Reimburse the mileage expenses of the accompanying drivers.
1- Basic training all new volunteers must take basic training. During this meeting, additional information is provided on the mission, policies, organization chart and operation of the various services of the Center. The volunteer must attend this meeting in the first year of his engagement.

2- Continuing Education Training is one of the elements of success of volunteer work. Training means anything that can help a volunteer worker to be more comfortable in his duties. The ABC Center therefore wants, on the one hand, to meet the training needs expressed by the volunteers and, on the other hand, to communicate the knowledge and the appropriate means to carry out the tasks. This service is offered to volunteers registered with the Center or to any other volunteer from a local community organization.